I regularly teach classes about classical topics in comparative politics as well as about methods and applied statistics. Moreover, I supervise final exams and theses on the BA and MA level.

For my dedication to teaching, I have been awarded the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching, Future Talents at the University of Basel, 2023.

University of Basel
– Making and Breaking Governments – Recent Developments in Coalition Research (MA Seminar, Fall 2022) [evaluation here]
– Introduction to Public Policy Analysis (BA Seminar, Fall 2022) [evaluation here]
– Scandinavian Politics (BA Seminar, Spring 2021, 2022, 2023) [evaluation here]
– Introduction to Comparative Politics (BA Lecture, Fall 2020) [evaluation here]
– Making and Breaking Governments – Cabinets & Coalitions (BA Seminar, Fall 2020) [evaluation here]
– Supervision of BA and MA Exams

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
– Introduction to Comparative Politics & International Relations (BA Seminar, Fall 2019)
– Applied Methods in Political Party Research (BA Seminar, Fall 2019)
– Applied Methods in Electoral System Research (BA Seminar, Spring 2018, Fall 2016)
– Political Parties and Coalition Governments (BA Seminar, Spring 2018)
– Minority Governments: Formation, Duration, and Performance (BA Seminar, Fall 2017)
– Public Opinion and Political Participation (BA Seminar, Spring 2017)
– Delegation and Representation in Parliamentary Systems (BA Seminar, Spring 2017)

University of Hamburg
– Institutions and Representation in Parliamentary Systems (BA Seminar, Spring 2016)
– Elections and Electoral Systems (BA Seminar, Fall 2015)

Teaching Award, 2023

For my dedication to teaching, I have been awarded the Credit Suisse Award, Future Talents, at the University of Basel in 2023. Students were asked to nominate early career researchers whose teaching they find particularly motivating. I am deeply grateful to my students for nominating me with apparently convincing nomination texts, so the jury chose me to win this esteemed prize!

Summary of the laudatory speech by the skuba (the student body executive of the University of Basel), which served as jury:

We were “particularly impressed by Thürk’s flipped classroom format, her up-to-date references to digital sources, and her use of interactive tools. Nominations also emphasized her open and motivating approach that makes students feel their contributions are valued and taken seriously, helping them to develop self-confidence. They also mention her significance as a role model as a first-generation academic, woman and mother.”

I am further proud to have been shortlisted (one of two runner-off candidates) for the other category of the Credit Suisse Award: Modern Scholarship. The finalists in this categors included lecturers who provide especially engaging learning opportunities for their students. The jury was composed of previous Teaching Excellence Award winners and finalists at the University of Basel.

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